~$25 deposit required for all appointments.

~Rabies vaccinations are required for all pets. Please bring current vaccination records with you to your first appointment and after any updates.

~Price will depend on style of cut, condition of coat, and your pets temperament. A pet getting a longer trim will cost more that a shave down.

~All puppies up to six months old will only be offered a face, feet and sanitary trim. We want your pet to be familiar with the process and comfortable with the tools before giving a full haircut.

~Please note that we do fill up quickly. The best way to get the time that’s most comfortable with you is to prebook your next appointment ahead of time.

Full Groom
Up to 7 pounds $55-$75
8-20 pounds $60-$80
21-35 pounds $70-$90
36-50 pounds $80-$100
51-80 pounds $90-$120
81-100 pounds $100-$135 100 pounds +$110 and up
Bath Only
Up to 7 pounds $35
8-20 $45-$65
21-35 $50-$70
36-50 $60-$80
51-80 $70-$90
81-100 $80-$100
100 + $100 and up

Double Coat (Aussie, German Shepherd, Husky, Pom etc) $10
Matted Pet Fee $10
Specialty trim $15
Flea or tick charge $15/$25

(We do not accept pets with fleas or ticks.  If we find them during the groom, there will be an additional charge for treating the pet and our salon.)


Oatmeal $5
Brightening $5
Deoderizer $5
Conditioner $5
Facial Scrub $5

Blueberry facial
Soeciliaze shampoo
Deep coat conditioner
Paw soak Paw balm
Scented spritz
Themed accessory
Breath freshener